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Need Catering in Harrisburg, PA or Dauphin County?

Enck’s Plus Catering loves providing catering and catering services to the City of Harrisburg and Dauphin County.  Our headquarters and commercial catering prep kitchen is located in Lancaster, PA on Granite Run Drive, but our fleet of catering vehicles reaches the various venues surrounding Dauphin County quickly and with quality service. Be assured that no matter what the occasion, Enck’s Plus Catering will meet or exceed your expectations with hot, delicious foods and a first class experience.

Looking for a wedding venue with catering in Harrisburg?  

The city is home to several romantic wedding venues where our catering services are available. A local favorite is The Civic Club of Harrisburg.  It is a three-story Tudor building that holds 150 to 200 guests. Most notable space is the Overlook Room, named in the early 20th century because of its panoramic views of the Susquehanna River and Kunkle Plaza. Complete with a Baby Grand piano, glowing chandeliers and 25-foot ceilings.  There is also a large stage available for entertainment or as a head table.

The Overlook Ballroom


Another great option is the Central Hotel and Conference Center known for its elegant spaces including the Grand Atrium, Central Ballroom and the Heritage Room.  This location is picturesque with ample room for larger weddings.  

Central Hotel

The Historic King Mansion is an Italian Revival mansion and offers an urban setting with a historic flair. Its riverfront sunsets and beautifully landscaped grounds and covered balconies is just minutes from downtown. This Italian Revival mansion has updated renovations but historic 1920s charms. King Mansion

hershey pa.jpg

Need a wedding or event venue with catering in Hershey, PA?

Why not enjoy our catering food and service at the Hotel Hershey?  The elegance of the Hotel Hershey makes for an imaginative event. The majestic formal gardens are great for outdoor ceremonies and the well-appointed banquet rooms are ideal for indoor events. 

The Hotel Hershey


The Hershey Gardens natural beauty is perfect for outdoor catered events.   Enjoy a charming, intimate outdoor wedding in the 23-acre gardens and an indoor reception in the Conservatory’s Educational & Horticultural Wing, Hershey Gardens is the perfect setting. 

Hershey Gardens

Enck's Plus catering is Harrisburg, PA's catering company of choice.  We have been catering for decades in the city and surrounding Dauphin County.  We are known for our quality and diversity of foods and for our first-class customer service.  Customer satisfaction has been the most important piece to our mission since we started catering. Creating delicious foods at a good price, having the flexibility to meet the needs and schedule of any type of event, delivering hot food on time and running each event with precision and professionalism is what has made us the most utilized catering company in Dauphin County, PA.  At least 50% of our business each day comes happy former customers who come back again and from likewise happy customers who referred us as the number one catering company to their friends and family.  

We love what we do, and we love catering for Harrisburg, PA.  Enck's Plus Catering is a big family, and the catering business is in our genetics.  Every employee, related to the boss or not is treated like a family member and it shows through the quality of their work.  We believe in appreciating our team and compensating them well for their hard work.  Some days we might have 5 large events all over Dauphin County and our team is on the move to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.  Our catering transport fleet will be packed to the brim with hot boxes full of food, hot and cold beverage containers storing gallons of delicious beverages, chafing dishes, Sterno burners, tablecloths, plates, flatware and napkins and our team makes it happen. Our administrative catering office will have mapped out the itinerary for the day with scientific precision ensuring each Harrisburg Catering event is properly scheduled, staffed and fed. 

The types of food we cater range from American, Italian, Hispanic, Asian and Pennsylvania Dutch cooking.  Each member of our culinary team has been cooking in the catering business or in fine dining their entire careers.  They know exactly how to cook the food so that it arrives to each Harrisburg catering venue fresh, hot and delicious.  They work hard and efficiently which enables us to provide service for last minute or late notice events.  Weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate events, celebrations of life, ... you name it, we have catered it. Our team cooks for small and large events.  No event is too small or too large.  From 10 people to a thousand people, when our culinary team gets to work you can expect the same delicious quality regardless of the numbers. 


You will know when Enck's Plus Catering is running an event because of the quality of our catering team.  Our Harrisburg catering team is comprised of some of the friendliest, most professional caterers you will ever meet.  They dress sharp, look clean and well-groomed and operate a catering event with precision and professionalism.  Our caterers are skilled in plated meal service and buffet style catering.  From the beautiful table settings to the smooth and timely food service up to and including the cleanup the caterers wear a smile and work quietly and diligently. 

It is our absolute goal that no matter what kind of event you're having and no atter where in Dauphin County or Harrisburg your catering event is, that you are truly satisfied with the level of service and quality we provide.  We want you to come back and tell your friends.  

Wedding Catering Harrisburg PA

Need catering for a wedding in Harrisburg, PA? Enck's Plus Catering is Harrisburg's premier catering company.  We offer the largest selection of delicious wedding cuisine and hors d'oeuvres through a fully custom wedding menu. Our wedding catering services are designed to be affordable for any budget.   Just reach out to our catering coordinators to get the process started and you could have the catering piece of you wedding sorted within as little time as a couple weeks. 

If you are looking for a Harrisburg wedding venue, Enck's Plus Catering knows the best catering venues in Dauphin County.  If you need a Wedding DJ or Wedding Photographer, again with our decades of experience we can make some definite suggestions. 

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