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Catering Questions and Answers

  • What is catering?
    According to the Oxford Dictionary: Catering is the provision of food and drink at a social event or other gathering, typically as a professional service. For Enck's Plus Catering, catering includes having a true partner throughout your event planning process. We want to ensure that we are able to meet your expectations and satisfaction through providing excellent food and beverage service within your budget and provide you with sufficient catering service staff to ensure your event goes smoothly.
  • How to pick a caterer for your event?
    The most important factors to consider when picking a caterer are experience, capacity and quality. At Enck's Plus Catering we have decades of experience behind us when it comes to being a first-class wedding caterer, special event caterer or concessions provider. Our Chefs and Culinary teams have the experience in providing a broad range of food services to meet your budgetary needs and quality expectations. Whether you are looking for that high-end plated catering experience or a football party cookout buffet we have you covered. Our preparation facilities are equipped to prepare quality hot or cold foods for parties and events of all sizes. Additionally, we have service teams to ensure your event is properly staffed for efficient flow of food service.
  • What does the catering process look like?
    The catering process happens in three stages: Planning, Preparation and Delivery. When you choose Enck's Plus Catering as your party caterer, we make the planning process easy. When you speak with one of our catering coordinators, we help you chose menu options that are within your taste and budget and develop a schedule picking an event date for delivery. Then our teams get working to ordering and preparing your food choices for the big day. On the day of delivery our catering teams load up the catering transportation and discreetly deliver, set up and service your event.
  • How much does catering cost?
    Catering costs will vary but are typically priced via a price per plate or total party size cost. Hot and cold food choices will have an impact along with additional choices and add-ons like fruit and veggie trays and dessert options.
  • Should I use a catering company or do the job myself?
    Catering is a big responsibility especially if you want your food to be cooked and prepared to perfection and served without any hiccups. While crunching numbers and trying to make the best decisions for your event budget, trying to buy and prepare food at a reasonable cost without Enck's Plus Catering's commercial food supply contracts and commercial kitchen spaces and teams you will typically find it costing you more money and causing you unnecessary headaches. Have confidence in our professional service and experience the pride and enjoyment we get in giving you a world class catering experience.
  • Do I need a caterer?
    Enck's Plus Catering is a professional caterer that provides catered meals, foods and beverages to groups of any size and events of all types. So, if you are in need of professionally prepared and delivered concessions and don't want to try and tackle the task yourself then, say Yes to Enck's Plus Catering!
  • What are some common catering mistakes?
    The most common mistake caterers make is overcooking or undercooking foods for your event. Enck's Plus Catering has the experience in timing and preparation to ensure your food is delivered to the plate as if it was ordered ala cart and fresh out the kitchen.
  • Who caters near me?
    Enck's Plus Catering offers catering for parties, weddings and events of all kinds in Lancaster County, PA, Berks County, PA, Lebanon County, PA, Dauphin County, PA and York County, PA.
  • What is the average cost per person for catering near me?
    Catering cost per person starts at $9.95 per person, for parties serving something like a continental breakfast, and goes up to 49.95 per person for higher end wedding packages.
  • How far in advance to order catering for a party?
    If you need a party caterer, it is typically best practice to plan a month in advance to give yourself plenty of time to make decisions on the foods and beverages you want. Additionally, this gives you time to send out and receive RSVP's to get a final guest count.
  • How much do you tip a caterer for a party?
    Catering tips otherwise called gratuity is typically 18% of the total bill.
  • What is party catering?
    Party catering or event catering is when food services are ordered and delivered from a catering company. Parties of all kinds are often catered including birthday parties, celebrations of life, anniversary celebrations, bachelor and bachelorette parties, graduation parties and many more.
  • How much does office catering cost?
    Office catering or corporate catering prices at Enck's Plus Catering are competitive and are as follows: Breakfast starts at $9.95 per person Lunch starts at $14.95 per person Dinner starts at $21.95 per person
  • What is corporate catering?
    Corporate catering or office catering is food service ordered from a catering company and delivered to the business, typically for employee trainings, office parties and celebrations.
  • Who does corporate catering in Pennsylvania?
    Enck's Plus Catering is Pennsylvania's premier corporate catering company with decades of experience and thousands of events served.
  • How to budget for a wedding caterer?
    Catering costs typically makes up about 29% of the wedding budget according to Wedding Budget Breakdown Based on Data From Real Couples (
  • How much is catering for a wedding?
    Full wedding catering packages start at $39.95 per person and go up to $49.95 per person.
  • How much to tip a caterer for a wedding?
    Tipping a caterer, otherwise known as gratuity, is usually factored into the catering bill but is equal to 18% of the total catering cost. Additional tips are common for service that goes above and beyond.
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