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Enck's Contracted Foodservice

Enck's Contracted Foodservices division is a full-service food services administrator and provider that is custom fit for the needs of any organization.  Our administrative experience and GPO relationships enable us to provide value-based services to help meet your budget or desired margin.  Every contracted partnership with Enck's is unique and tailored specifically to the organization in need of our services.  

Industries We Serve

Contracted Foodservice Lancaster County, PA

If Foodservices are not your primary line of business, but a necessary component required for your organization to function, then a third party Contracted Foodservice provider may be an ideal solution for you.  As a Contracted Foodservices Provider, we take care of everything including: 

  • Staffing

  • Food and Supply Vendors  

  • Menu Development 

  • Inventory 

If you are a CEO or Administrator with these responsibilities, consider allowing Enck's to relieve you of this burden entirely or in as much as you feel comfortable with.  Our goal is to meet your needs in whatever capacity is appropriate for your organization.   If you are happy with the team you have in place or have a union workforce, then perhaps you might benefit from our management and procurement services.  In this scenario you can benefit from our management expertise and product and supply savings. 

Behavioral Health Facilities

Inpatient Detox and Residential Rehabilitation facilities for treating substance use disorder or for treating mental health conditions.  Enck's partners with these facilities by running the entire dietary department.  Allow us to manage your patient population's dietary needs through kitchen and dining hall management.  With the expertise of a staff dietician, we prepare meals supportive of the recovery process.  

Outpatient Programs providing PHO, IOP, GOP and individual counseling services without dining facilities or kitchens benefit from our offsite meal preparation and delivery services.  Still, we manage every element of dietary administration and provide your organization with a foodservice appropriate for your population. 

Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities and Skilled Nursing Facilities require managing a restrictive budget while preparing a quality menu and fully staffing the team to prepare it.  Likewise, the resident's or patient's experience is an important consideration.  Our ability to successfully navigate these demands is an added value to any organization and the people they serve. 

Educational Institutions

Private schools, Hybrid schools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and even trade schools and colleges benefit from our full-service food management services.  Educational Contracted Foodservice provided by Enck's enables these institutions to focus on education while allowing our experienced team to effectively manage your institutions food needs. 

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Contracted Foodservice Lancaster, PA

Corporate Cafeterias

Companies of all sizes with cafeterias for their employees and customers can benefit from our administration of their kitchens, cafeterias and food sales.  


Hospitals under strict regulatory oversight with a variety of dietary requirements for their patients find comfort in our foodservice management expertise and financial diligence. 

Foodservice Contract
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