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Costa Rican coffee is known to be some of the best made in Latin America because of the high altitudes for growing, volcanic soil, ideal drainage and a wide variety of flavor profiles. Tarrazu is located about 70k south of the capital San Jose and is thought to produce the best quality coffee beans in the country. The lush valley is surrounded by mountains and its main source of income is highland coffee production, however tourism, banana and avocado production have grown in recent years. Shade-grown, bird-friendly, ideal climate, sedimentary soil, and high altitude of 3900-6200 feet, all contribute to the slightly lower acidity, intense flavor and clean finish of this coffee. Pesticide and herbicide-free contributes to the farmers’ health and a better cup. Caturra and Catuai coffee plants consistently produce full bodied, rich brews with bright acidity and crisp taste. Our Vienna roast brings out all the right qualities this coffee deserves. 

Costa Rica



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